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Say you’re a recruiter and need to fill more vacancies. The market is saturated with your competition and your potential clients’ budgets and confidence are not what they used to be.

More then ever clients want you to “get” their industry and want recruiters to bring the right people to the table.

Maybe your website is on page 1 of Google (only 25% of surfers go to page 2!)   New real time search technology is helping your search engine results, but the web is littered with other recruitment sites, or job boards.  How do you stand out?  How do you attract more clients and quality candidates?

Are you:

  • a recruitment consultant with a little knowledge of a sector, or
  • an industry expert who knows how to find people looking for a move?

No doubt clients will want to work with industry experts who can deliver long-term candidate solutions…. how do you attract these clients?

What does your online presence tell your prospect about your sector knowledge?  How are you building in them confidence they need to pick up the phone and give you their business?

Now, more than ever, you must market your specialist knowledge.  Ignoring the power of social media to help you become industry specialists online will inevitably lead to losing business to those who are engaging in online sector-led activity.

Social media for recruitment is not a must, but it is an element that can (and does) help build confidence in an industry which has had a real battering in recent years.

If you are a sector expert, stop hiding your light under a bushel, and start talking about what you know about your customers and the sectors they operate in.

The payment of one invoice from one placement could pay for your social media strategy.  Ignoring this powerful tool could lead to less invoices being sent out!

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