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I run regular polls on LinkedIn – my latest is about social media policy. I want to do some research on whether business have social media polices. Can you help? Here’s my train of thought…

Many businesses have social media policies that are inaccessible (both in terms of no-one knows where they are and if they did the language is not understandable). They may have been written by teams of people who don’t get social media / the business process.

I have seen many social media policies that have been drafted by legal teams who are totally unaware of the opportunities that using social media in business offers and so they look at social media policy as a defence mechanism, rather than using it to defend AND enhance / improve business. We have written a few posts on social media policy, including tips on writing them, read them here.

What do you think? What’s your experience of social media policy?


Perhaps you are an employee and have no idea whether your employer has a social media poilcy. Or maybe they have but the policy feels very “legal” and isn’t really practical to you.

Maybe the last time you saw it was the day you walked into the business and it was wafted under for you nose and you had no idea how what you would even be doing day to day, let alone what kit you would have access to and how you should use it. Perhaps you are not even aware that your organisation has one?


Do you have one? Have you really checked out how legal and practical it is? Does it work? Are you sure people are following it? Or is it simply something that you keep “snoozing”.

Is it something that your lawyer has drafted? Check it out and really get under it’s skin – can you really enforce it?

Bear in mind also that just because you may be an employer who “bans” the use of social media at work, you may still need a policy for it’s use outside of work, on personal devices etc…

Does your social media policy help your staff do their job, or hinder it?

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