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Did you know that the average human when they focus their eyes only uses 3% of their available field of view? This means that 97% of their field of view is peripheral – outside of their immediate field of view.  

From a business development and client relationship perspective, this is a real pain when you want to attract attention from busy people who are in your client base. Using social media is a great way of tapping into your contacts’ peripheral vision and keeping in their “mind’s eye”.

There’s a term called “splatter vision“ where you look toward the horizon without focussing – this allows you to have a greater handle on what’s in front of you. Did you know that the FBI use this skill to spot baddies in crowded areas?

Well, funnily enough, your current and potential contacts do not use splatter vision day to day (unless of course you supply FBI agents – now that would be a USP!). Your contacts are focussed on their own lives,  jobs, emergencies, emails, phone calls, sandwiches, etc…  You are probably nowhere near there 3% focus.

What’s the benefit of staying in their peripheral vision? You create a comfort factor; they know who you are, without really engaging, and will feel more comfortable when you contact them. Better still, they egin to research you as a result of seeing you online.  I had a conference call recently to a client in the states, and one of the attendees remembered my LinkedIn polls – this really helped the call!

So how do you stay in your contacts’ field of vision – and without ringing them and emailing them every 5 minutes? Social media is a great way of getting into your contacts’ field of vision, without them having to adopt “splatter vision”.

Also known as inbound marketing, this concept is all about creating content that gets you found and attracts attention.There are hundreds of ways to do this using social media, and it is not as time consuming as you may think, and should NOT be restricted to your Marketing department’s activities.

Status updates in LinkedIn is a great example. God forbid, I am not referring to recruiters bleeting on about jobs all day long. (I have blogged enough about being a consultant not a job board). A decent status update in any social media platform should give a feel for who you are, what you do, what you read, what events you go to, etc… ie. it should give me, the audience, a really good “feel” for what our relationship could be like.

Guest blogging in your clients’ back gardens – what stuff do they read? Trust me, they are not on the edge of their seats waiting for Recruiter Weekly to drop on their doorstep, so think about your contacts and their sector and typical issues.

LinkedIn Polls, Facebook competitions, Twitter updates, Pinterest boards… never before have you had such a great opportunity to market your business.  So, use social media to keep in your contacts’ peripheral vision – this will increase your social media profile views and web hits, help you get through more gatekeepers, secure more meetings and then you can get on the good stuff: dazzling your contacts face to face with your expertise.

I will be presenting at UK Recruiter’s Recruitment Technology Showcase event on 24 May, London.  Maybe see you there?

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