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Do you have a social media strategy?

I bet you have a social media footprint… you will probably be one of the 7m UK LinkedIn users, send one of the 6% of daily tweets, maybe you write blogs, or your business has a Facebook page… but what’s the point of this? What’s your aim? Do you know, or have you just set this stuff up as it’s free and easy?

You’re ultimate aim for social media should be to make yourselves more accessible and approachable… what does your social media footprint do to support this aim?

Lots of tips in my head to help you clarify your strategy. Here’s 5 to start with:

  1. Do your profiles have obvious contact data? eg. LinkedIn will only show your default contact data if I am connected to you – what can you do with your LinkedIn profile to highlight how I get in touch even if am not a connection?

  2. Do you make it clear who your client base is? (Not necessarily names of businesses, but types of ideal clients). If you make it clear who you want to help, you will appeal more to these people, and deflect attention from people you are not setup to help. Then everyone’s clear and you won’t waste time taking unnecessary calls!
  3. Is your blog setup to actually be interacted with? I come across lots of blogs that suffer from things like: lack of navigation, no way to subscribe, content not relevant to the client base etc… if you want me to read it and come back, help me to do that.
  4. Twitter: Does your twitter account tell me anything about your business? Can I find your services /contact data etc…?
  5. Website: How easy is it for me to find your contact data… you’d be surprised how many sites there are out there that take a few clicks to gather this info… and the ultimate aim of a website is to sell to me! (So help me to buy!)

Think about your social media footprint… what does it say about you? Don’t get caught up in generating content if it is not clear who you are, who I should be if I am an ideal client, and how I can interact with you. If you fail to do this, no amount of gorgeous content is going to help you achieve your aim… which no doubt is to grow your business.

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