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 When an employee starts in or leaves a business, don’t forget to action some social media tasks as part of the change. Your business and brand are precious, so protect them.

I’m not going to get into the labyrinth of what’s legal in terms of what rights employers have over employees’ social media sites; I just want to flag what I often see as missed opportunities for employers to “nail things down” or simply do a bit of housekeeping. I’ve listed some elements below; and these are just to kick off the debate…

New Starters

So, you have a new starter joining you next week.  List of things to think about:

  • Keys
  • Security fob
  • Company car
  • Desk / chair / computer / phone number
  • Mobile
  • Induction etc…

But have you thought about their social networking presences and what you may need to do with them once they start?  Some things to consider:

  • I would hope that you have already checked their social networking sites to make sure that they      are representing themselves appropriately - this is now even more important as they can be tracked back to your business and thus represent you.
  • What plans have you got for a social media induction: are you going to make sure that they “get” what you want them to use it for?  In the very least to need to ensure that they market your business.

What plans do you have for when people leave your business?

  • Do you make sure that they change their LinkedIn account to show that they no longer work with you (and thus are able to trade on your brand?) Don’t forget to follow your own company on LinkedIn so you can see who joins your business and keep tabs on who says that they work for you.
  • Do they have passwords for your generic Twitter and Facebook pages? What other access do they have that may need to be bolted down?
  • Do you have a policy for how they can talk about your brand, even when they leave? If you do, you’re best to reiterate it.  If you don’t (read my mind!)

Do you have a starters and leavers process? Does it contain social media elements?

What have you found to be important in this area?

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