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Coming to TruLondon6? It’ll be social recruitment gangnam style!  (A beautifully random social recruiting unconference)

This Gangnam malarky has taken the world by storm – my 4 year old is even doing a pretty good impression (and what a relief from Power Rangers and Octonauts anyway…)

Event season is well and truly upon us at Barclay Jones HQ – I’m off to my annual trip to the land of Tru – with the Wizard Bill Boorman.

I finally got round to watching Gangnam Style on YouTube – and came away with mixed feelings.  The chaos, the glitz, the explosions, the thrusting (!), the REALLY short skirts – men in saunas???  Then a reminder about TruLondon popped up on my Twitter!  Oh, the similarities…

At Tru, I can’t promise glitz (but I will be wearing nail varnish with a bit of glitter) or the short skirts (although Andy Headworth could volunteer?), or the sweaty men in the sauna (well perhaps there will be that, Johnny Campbell and Katharine Robinson will find talent anywhere…)

But I can promise an espresso shot of social recruitment, people who really know what they are talking about (Katharine your recent blog is so true!), and a great event to fill your brain with practical as well as theoretical data.

How about a bit of keyword stuffing to give you a flavour?

Sourcing, Mobile, Technology, Recruitment, Social, Kelly, Global, Agency, Corporate, 55 Tracks, Labs, Candidates, Undercover Recruiter, Employer Branding, Tricks and Tips, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+… keyboard will melt if I add any more.  More info here.

The question is, will Bill swap his hat and unbelievably laid baid approach for dark glasses, gelled hair and a bow tie (and hip thrusting!?)… trust me, anything could happen! Knowing Bill he’s even got Psy in the wings waiting to do a track! (Totally random!)

Here’s the (subtitled) link to Psy’s Gangnam Style vid – the words are a real treat! http://youtu.be/sbf4y3yn7xY


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