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Thanks to @BullhornReach and Aravinda Rao for hosting the webinar entitled:

Social Recruiting: Debunking 7 Common Myths and Misconceptions

In the webinar I tackled the following topics which :

  1. Everyone is a jobseeker
  2. Social recruiting is free and easy
  3. A great LinkedIn network is 500+ connections
  4. If people follow you on Twitter you should follow them back
  5. Facebook is no good for recruitment
  6. Recruiters are natural networkers
  7. Candidates love connecting with recruiters

Plus there were takeaways and tips for each of these topics.  So, if you are a recruiter and use social media (ie. nearly ALL recruiters) there’s something in this webinar for you.

Make sure you grab coffee and watch the video here:


I'm going to be blogging about these myths in the next few weeks, so read the content here.

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