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Recruiters need to be social to attract talent and stay in their peripheral vision for when passive candidates become active. The problem is it can be so tricky to know which networks you should be focusing on and what platforms will get your jobs the most quality applicants.

Luckily Bullhorn Reach produces a fantastic report into Social Recruitment every year. It's packed full of useful stats and in-depth analysis and is perfect for answering recruiters' questions on how to best use social media. 

Our very own Lisa Jones thinks

“I really look forward to the social recruiting surveys which Bullhorn Reach delivers.  They are always full of insight into the world of recruitment process and the use of social recruiting tools across the globe.

They demonstrate where the market has gone (rather than going) – invaluable.”

We’ve picked out the key stats we feel that you as a recruiter will be interested in, and suggest you read the report with a cake - it could really help you focus your time and energy..

Social Recruitment Report Infographic

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