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I ran a webinar for the lovely folks at Bullhorn Reach recently (thanks Vinda!) – topic: Social Recruiting; Debunking 7 Myths and Misconceptions (watch it here… but not yet, read this first!)

I promised to follow up with some blogs, so here’s the first myth “debunker:”

Everyone is a candidate

So, you’re out at a club.  You’ve had a few drinks, you’re feeling sassy! There’s a girl/guy on the dance floor busting some moves.  You’re feeling confident…up you stroll and mosey on in.  A bit of eye contact and a lot of nerve!

This so equates to the average recruiter activity on LinkedIn.  Sassy, confident (overly?) assumptive, winging it?

Now I know that LinkedIn is a recruitment system, but believe it or not that’s (currently) its best kept secret.  Most people on it only spend 17 minutes per month on it (how do they cope?).  26% of them are surfing using their mobile (how the hell do they read your oh-so-mega-detailed-“our-client-is”-job-adverts? Yawn!)

Just Because I’m Dancing doesn’t Mean I Want to Dance with You!

What’s so special about you?  Your jobs!? Hell no! I don’t care about them.  I care about me. It’s REALLY unlikely that I have logged in specifically to see a job.  Have you actually looked online recently?  The amount of doomy gloomy blogs about talent shortages make me want to go and open a cattery…Passive candidates are the new black! In fact, they have been for a couple of years.  Oh my God! What are we going to do?  I know lots of recruiters whose strategy is just to shout louder (it works like a treat in a foreign land!)

LinkedIn even published some interesting “not everyone is a candidate” stats:

  • 21% are active (stand back – I’m likely to tango with you!)
  • 15% are ”tip-toers” (I’m thinking of looking you in the eye, perhaps flicking my hair about a bit and fluttering my lashes)
  • 44% explorers (not exploring too literally on the dance floor, but I am likely to dance if you seem like my type and my husband’s not looking!)
  • 20% are super passive (I want to dance on my own – back off!)


So before you dump the LinkedIn / Twitter / Facebook logins in favour of a cattery deed, think about stopping the assumption that everyone’s a candidate and do 2 things:

1. Start actively looking for people who may actually be interested (go to where people want to dance with you!)

Look out for users with the lovely Job Seeker Premium accounts on LinkedIn.

Search for people with “seeking” or “looking” or “searching” in their profiles (see the fab blog about this from the superb @BooleanBlackBelt on this.

Use Bullhorn Reach and its gorgeous Radar feature to spot movers and shakers. 

Think about something a little different with jobs – don’t post a job, ask your community for help finding someone… see if that works!

2. Attract the passives

Get on the dance floor, dump the Funky Chicken and Office Robot dance in favour of some carefully selected moves designed to attract (I’ll let you decide how far to take this!)

Optimise your profile to not just bore me to death with your fab recruitment skills and multitude of jobs but to let me know what you know about me (my world, sector, job, contacts etc…)

Demonstrate, don’t irritate! Share content which I like (if you don’t know what this is you’ve been dancing with yourself for too long! Stop talking at me and listen to me).

I think that we all know that not everyone is a candidate – so can we stop acting like they are?

(Read the rest of the social recruiting myths series here.)

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