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So you’re a recruiter or an HR professional and you’re into social media?  Well, you’re at least really aware of it.  Perhaps you are even planning on making it a BIG part of your recruitment strategy this year.

Some interesting stats:

  • 80% of companies polled by the Wall Street Journal at the end of 2010 said that they would give it a try!
  • another 24% of companies polled stated  that they would not be so reliant on job boards and other 3rd party employment databases this year…

What is Social Recruitment?

Basically: using social media to recruit… Technically, it is a lot more than that; it is a culture shift and a whole new way of working.

Social Recruitment is the New Black

We are working with more and more companies (recruiters and HR departments) to help them understand and build processes that leverage social media.  We help build strategies, systems and deliver training to help them understand how best to use these new tools.  BUT, we always start with a reality check.  Questions need to be asked:

  1. who are your candidates?
  2. who are your existing staff connected with and how is their online activity affecting (positively or negatively) your recruitment drive?
  3. how do you engage with your candidates offline at present? and how can we translate that online?  does your engagement process need to adapt?
  4. who is going to run this strategy? what internal resources do you have?
  5. what is you current approach to social media for your business?  how can we link that to a new social recruitment strategy?
  6. what IT systems do you have that will manage the data that comes your way?
  7. how will you measure the effectiveness of your campaigns?
  8. what policies do you have for the use of social media within your business, that guide your staff as to correct usage, and protect your company from abuse or data theft?
  9. what goes online stays online… bad news travels really well online, it gets “viral” so make sure that you have a strategy that will deal with all news (not just good)
  10. and finally, what is it you really want to gain from have a social recruitment strategy?  what are your objectives?

There’s a lot more to think about, but this is a start.

The analogy I always use with my clients is this…. if social media were a swimming pool, would you be bombing in with no trunks, dipping your toe in, or learning to swim and paying attention to what’s going on around you?

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