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I love bits of kit that maximise my client-facing time – and SocialBro is right up there with the best.  Some think that social media has created more work for us; I disagree - it has created a direct channel to people we want to talk to and enabled us to build stronger relationships with. SocialBro helps me achieve this with my Twitter community.

It’s so easy to use and has some nifty benefits:

  • segment your followers by category (people you are following that aren’t following you back, vice versa, users who are inactive, influencers etc…) – lovely stuff!
  • You search by adding lots of lovely filters – eg: timezones, language, how often people tweet, what their bio contains (eg. English, London, Java Developer)
  • You can follow/unfollow people according to criteria – really handy!
  • You can see how influential people are – great for knowing who to connect to and who is likely to help you market your tweets
  • You can export your Twitter followers to .csv files to backup
  • If you ask it nicely, it will tell you the best time to tweet (see gorgeous graphmbelow)
  • You can analyse other user’s Twitter accounts (secret squirrel)
  • You can even see who is following you that’s “famous” (Maria Shriver??)
  • and lots more…

If you Tweet and want a better handle on your community, I strongly urge you to setup a SocialBro account and have a play.  Let me know how you get on.

We are running Twitter for Recruiters courses for time-starved recruiters, who either think they have a handle on Twitter, or they just don't get where it fits into their recruitment or business process. Read more about the courses here

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