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SoundCloud is big... and loud!

With 175 million unique monthly listeners and 40 million registered users it is a great platform to share your content on if you want to attract attention. But there will be stiff competition too… 12 hours of content gets uploaded to the site every minute!

But why should Soundcloud Interest Recruiters?

Whilst almost all other social media sites offer slight variations on how to access visual and text content, SoundCloud breaks the mould by offering audio. Therefore, the platform gives you a great advantage over your competitors as you will be able to attract talent in a whole new medium.

Top talent in the current market is going to be busy. Very busy. All of your wonderful written content is all well and good, but often your candidates, talent and clients won’t have time to read it. That is the beauty of using SoundCloud. You can tap into the talent pool that has no time to read blogs by having them listen along. Be it on the train, when walking the dog, driving to work or stuck on the tube, you can be in your candidates’ and clients’ ears!

SoundCloud can thus be a great tool for enhancing your existing content, by offering talent the option to listen to your content rather than reading it. It can be embedded into your blog easily, and integrates well with other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. So what are you waiting for? Stop only pitching your content to those with time to read it, and attract a whole new layer of busy talent by using SoundCloud.

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