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I've just updated my Twitter Android app on my lovely Samsung Galaxy S4 and noticed a piece of gorgeousness.  This will appeal to the recruiters out there who are control freaks and love stalking (ie. the entire recruitment industry....?)

I can now favourite (favorite) people I follow. When I view an account, there is a cute little star next to the following button - I press it and what happens?  When they tweet I get notified via email and also on my phone.

Screenshot _2014-01-17-13-51-53_resized

Why would a recruiter want to use this?

  • Stalk candidates
  • Stalk clients
  • Stalk competitors
  • Stalk consultants who have left the business and they are under restrictions
  • etc...

Now stalking may be a strong word to describe what you can use this for, but let's face it recruiters need to be in the know, and in the right place at the right time in order to do their jobs.  They also have to be quicker than ever at spotting opportunities - and REALLY super speedy at filling them.

This feature will really help with engagement and getting involved with your community - so get on it!

Bravo Twitter, but please don't remove it like you did the fab DM feature you setup and removed before Xmas (bad dog-bird!)

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