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Too many recruiters waste time on social media!

We've been running sessions for groups of recruiters in their own offices for years. We are now running public scheduled courses to help recruiters #RecruitClever using Twitter and LinkedIn. We're really excited about this.

A little Barclay Jones history lesson 

When Wayne and I started Barclay Jones in 2008, we already had 8 years each of working in Recruitment and tech. LinkedIn, although 5 years old at that stage, was a misunderstood bit of “fun” which many IT Directors (myself included) had blocked as it seemed like too big a distraction to recruiters.

Jack Dorsey had created Twitter 2 years previous and we were all reeling about how the hell we could get our point across in less than 140 characters (nothing’s changed).

And Facebook?  Well – Mark Z had created “The Facebook” in 2004 and we were still getting our heads around using our smartphones (we all had Apples in 2008) to update our mates about what we’d had for tea.

Fast forward to today, and Barclay Jones has been going for 7 years and we have a team of 8. We improve recruiter efficiency on a daily basis – our clients testify to how we have helped change their businesses.  One of our core aims is to #RecruitClever – to speed up process using systems, and we include social media as “systems".  We know that recruiters can either get totally bogged down by systems, or make money from them (we favour the latter!).

To date we have been focussed on helping teams of recruiters at their desks and in their offices.

Book yourself into a #RecruitClever course

As of 13 May we will be running scheduled courses on LinkedIn and Twitter for you lovely recruitment professionals, initially at our offices in Leeds, and then moving to locations in Manchester and London.

You can book onto our LinkedIn for Recruiters courses here.


... and Twitter for Recruiters here.


We get that as a recruiter, you have so many systems to navigate, not enough time, and your manager wants you "back on the phone".

These LinkedIn for Recruitment and Twitter for Recruitment courses are for time-starved recruiters, who despite thinking they have a handle on LinkedIn (and perhaps Twitter), want to improve their profile, increase their relevant application responses and place more jobs.

We have worked with some amazing recruiters on their recruitment technology and social recruiting projects - read their testimonials here.

The feedback we receive from recruiters makes us smile and gives us massive credibility (even to Jedis!)

"I can't express what a positive impact Barclay Jones has had on my recruitment. Love the training. Three words to describe: talented, funny and passionate about working smartly and using your common sense to make the most out of your social media."

Book yourself on to a LinkedIn for Recruiters and Twitter for Recruiters course. Join the 1000s of recruiters we have worked with and start to #RecruitClever


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