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Well, the Apply With LinkedIn button has finally gone live… what’s going to be the impact?  If you are a recruiter (agency or corporate), how will this affect you?  How will it improve your business process and bottom line? Does this mark the end of the CV?

I am a massive fan of LinkedIn, and any tech that gets people working smarter, thus we help recruiters to:

  • improve their personal AND business brand
  • attract talent and clients
  • find leads (not just candidates)
  • speed up their placement process
  • reduce the cost of hire
  • generate more fees
  • (all lovely stuff!)

I am a massive fan because LinkedIn is the Go To place for most of my clients – never before has it been so easy to find and place talent (just beware as your clients think that too, and they are giving it a go themselves!)

Their new function Apply With LinkedIn is the reason I get giddy…

As LinkedIn states in it’s blog about the new feature, it has a vision of the professional web – they want to integrate LinkedIn into the www and into your processes (be you a candidate or a recruiter).  This new feature basically allows candidates to apply for roles using their LinkedIn account (which invariably is probably more up to date and more accessible than their CV).

LinkedIn states: “We are going to make it easy for you to submit your profile for any job application on the web with one simple click.”

What does this mean for the humble CV? All that training we have had over the years to get it down to one or two pages, whether we should mention our references or interests?  How will this affect the recruitment process; will your systems benefit from this new feature?  Only if you are not a CV addict…

Want to watch the official 1minute video? Click Here

If you are a recruiter / or simply a company that advertises it’s own roles, this new feature could make a massive difference to how candidates apply to you, and speed up the application process, make you more accessible, probably reduce the cost of hire etc…

Something to think about is that this feature, coupled with CRM that can take PDF documents as CVs and create records via clever CV parsing software, could really make a difference to your business.  So, don’t forget Resume Builder or the lovely PDF button at the bottom of your candidate’s blue box (see previous post Create Profiles from LinkedIn Profiles).  These features will really speed up your recruitment process, and this is critical in an extremely saturated and competitive market.

What do you think?  Are you going to use this new feature? And, is the CV dead?

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