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I’m famous! (Or rather, I have been quoted in a E-Book – was that what Andy Warhol meant by fame?)  Probably not, but in any event I am lined up with some social recruitment “heavies” in Bullhorn Reach‘s e-book about social recruitment so thought I’d plug it via the blog.

Happy reading – it’ll take you about 3 mins to read, (so go on), and there are lots of interesting ideas about what social media for recruitment really means.


The future of social recruiting is not simply about searching and connecting with candidates and broadcasting jobs — it’s about staying in the peripheral vision of clients and candidates, be they real or potential. It’s critical that employers and recruiters plan to be found as much as they plan to hunt for talent.

Read The Future of Social Recruitment e-Book by Bullhorn Reach

Have a look and let me know what you think.

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