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Have you been celebrating the falling out of Twitter and LinkedIn – now you aren’t being bombarded with football scores, what your contacts had for breakfast, how they are feeling about the rainy summer?  You’re not on your own.

Now that we can’t update our LinkedIn status with the lovely #IN (well, actually you can if you know what you’re doing…), things have changed on LinkedIn.  I have seen numerous articles and discussions about this disconnection being great – now we can really focus on business on LinkedIn…


Am I alone in my opinion that this divorce is a bad thing?

Yes, I got a little fed up of people not quite getting the “this is a professional network” thing and posting all of their Twitter updates into their LinkedIn status… but  I had the power of my trusty sword (the hide button) and hid those silly updates – and I used it to hide irrelevant updates.

This is my fear: that by asking people to update their LinkedIn status without using Twitter this will de-personalise LinkedIn (but is this Twitter’s evil plan?)  See the article for the facts about the “split”.

I agree that yes LinkedIn is a professional network, but do we all only do business by talking business?  I asked this question in a session with recruiters recently and one consultant gave a great example of where someone had updated their status with the fact that they had become a Dad.  He asked what I thought.  I grimaced at the thought of sharing such personal information on a professional platform.  He countered it with stats numbering 200 likes and lots of comments – which of us can claim that when we post a job or update our status with an article about our sector?

This got me thinking about how this recent change in LinkedIn and Twitter’s relationship has channelled me to think perhaps too seriously about what I update my status with (not that I ever updated my LinkedIn status with what my cat got me for Xmas!) Perhaps I am thinking too hard about what I say on my status update and keeping it too professional?

I asked a LinkedIn question, and also started a discussion to start the debate.  It seems that I am not alone: many users are upset that they now have to login to LinkedIn to update their status (perhaps they don’t know about the LinkedIn sharing toolbar button that you can use on any website – see below).  They worry that they will not be interacting with LinkedIn in the way that they did before the split.

Thus I am starting a Poll on LinkedIn to gauge opinion.  I would love your thoughts:  click here to vote or see below.

Some things to think about:

  • You can use www.ifttt.com to replicate the #IN behaviour you maybe once used to update your LinkedIn status via Twitter
  • You can share any web articles through your LinkedIn status without being in LinkedIn by using their Share on LinkedIn bookmarklet.
  • Boring cliche alert: People buy from people (not boring business bores…)

What do you think?  Has the disconnect between Twitter and LinkedIn changed your LinkedIn behaviour?  Are you seeing more quality content and less personal updates?

Comments from the floor please.

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