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Blogs have been around for a while (in it’s current form since the ’90s), but many of us are just starting out. Do you subscribe to blogs? And if so, do you comment on them?  And if you have gone to the trouble of writing them, how are you marketing them?  

I recently changed my behaviour surrounding publishing my blogs and it increased my traffic by 500% – thanks to LinkedIn.  What did I do? I linked my LinkedIn profile and blog together: 

  • I ensured that my blog was linked to my LinkedIn profile, so that when people view my profile, they can see my latest blog posts
  • The really big step forward came however when I updated my Network Status to reflect that I had published a new blog post!  LinkedIn users are checking their home  pages more and more and so any change in my status will appear on the home page of the people I am connected to.

Traffic shot up by 500% within a week of adopting this approach. 

If you take your blog and your LinkedIn profile seriously, knit them together to increase your blog’s publicity.  You may get some surprising and positive results. 

Any further tips on how to increase blog traffic using LinkedIn (or indeed other methods?)


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