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Social media: all about “sharing not selling”. You will always hear me wibbling on about tweeting not bleeting, sharing not barking, pulling not pushing, but “selling” (or “pushing”) through social media really does have a place, even if it is a small one.

Too Posh to Push…?

Just like the old adage that it is assumed if you have a c-section you must be afraid of child birth (trust me, the op and recovery can be a lot worse than the natural route!), there are also the high priests and priestesses of social media who denounce push tweets and the like. Are they right? Hell no! Do they bleet on about how engaged they are? Hell yes! (and if that’s not push I don’t know what is!)

Push Vs Pull

There are various descriptions of push and pull, but simply put, push can often be about you, and pull can often about your audience.

If one of the points of social media is to get stuff out in cyber space that people “trip on” and take notice of, then in many an opinion the element of pull is best – this can also be seen as “inbound marketing”. Read the book of the same name… 

My Approach

A blended approach of the following which keeps me up to date with my clients (real and potential) and contacts, and drives lots of lovely traffic to my social streams and very importantly my website:

  • publishing my twice-weekly blog on web, tech and social (this works an absolute treat!)
  • lots of relevant connections and conversations with recruiters and b2b folk on Linkedin
  • some retweets of stuff I love said by people I respect, and the odd chat via Twitter
  • the odd Facebook update about the business and what Wayne and I are up to
  • and god forbid the odd bit if fun and interaction isn’t doing my strategy any harm.

See my previous blog on my 10 Twitter Commandments for my overall approach to Twitter, which works great for me, was retweeted loads (phew) and keeps me focused onmy strategy: to use social media to make me and my business more approachable and accessible.

So, are you too posh to push, or are you what I would call a “pusher” (yawn), or somewhere comfy in the middle? What “gets you going” on social media? What’s your reason for being on it? Share please     

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