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I am off to #trulondon tomorrow…

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Why am I going? As many of my clients are recruiters, and I am VERY into social media and social recruitment (and I need a break) it makes sense to get jiggy with the social recruitment crew.  So, I am off to London to take some class and northern grit (even though I hail from Hertfordshire) to the Big Smoke!

But what is social recruitment to me?  Why is so important?

Well, for one, it’s business, not social. 80% of businesses this year claim that they will be using the web to recruit… Using technology to recruit has been a big passion of mine for many years.  I am keen to help recruiters understand how to get more from less. I have worked in some pretty boiler-room style environments where recruiters had very little time and resource to research their clients.

The advent of social media, which has lead to social recruitment, is putting pressure on recruiters to “get online” and capitalise on the 5 million UK residents who are on LinkedIn, the millions more on Twitter and Facebook.  But how do they get value from the time they spend, and how can they be sure that they are spending their time wisely? 5 million people is a lot to trawl through…  Equally, how are recruiters using the web to market themselves, they might be “on” it, but are they “in” it? (Note to self, that’s a blog in the writing!)

What am I hoping to get out of #trulondon? Meet some great people who I only know from the online world.  Learn about some new concepts and have some great debates about the industry and where it’s going.  I have even been invited by Bill Boorman (@billboorman) to run a “track” called In the Clouds, where for an hour we will be looking at cloud technology and recruitment.

Off to pack now… and get some sleep. Think I’ll be needing it.

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