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I celebrated my 2 year Twitter anniversary (Twitterversary??) last month.

A celebration?  Yes, indeed.

Twitter is crucial to my business, so I wanted to share with you my journey and perhaps give you some food for thought.

  • I was listening to a Podcast in 2006 about the launch of this new thing called Twitter; I didn’t get it, it made no sense – why would anyone want to talk openly and how the hell could anyone do it in less than 140 characters??
  • I attended an event in Sept 2009 (3 years after Twitter launch) and was introduced to Twitter. I sat there very sceptical and still couldn’t understand it’s place in the business world.I had a Blackberry then and uploaded the app just to see what all of the fuss was about.
  • I started to follow celebs (got bored and started unfollowing them), then started following some businesses and thought leaders and BANG, there was my missing link.

I quickly figured that my business would benefit massively from this stream and that I needed to get on board.

Two years on, I have nearly 3000 followers, and use Twitter every day to market my business, keep in touch with people, give away hints and tips on web, technology and social media, and to be fair, have a little fun too!

I help my clients use Twitter by helping define their strategy and run sessions for them to help them get into the Twitter zone.

And this is where Twitter currently is, if you don’t believe that it would be great for your business:

  • 200m+
  • Nearly 200m tweets daily (5000 in 2007) (6% UK)
  • 48% male, 52% female
  • 50% earn between 50k and 150k
  • 76% between 26 and 54
  • 50% update daily
  • 25% follow brands
  • Thurs/Fri are most active days
  • 9th most popular site

That’s my Twitter journey… What’s yours?  Are you on Twitter?  Do you have any success stories?

We are running Twitter for Recruiters courses for time-starved recruiters, who either think they have a handle on Twitter, or they just don't get where it fits into their recruitment or business process. Read more about the courses here

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