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Twitter can be a really noisy place.  It’s like being at a massive conference and everyone is at the same volume, no matter how far away they are.  I use Twitter Lists to help me organise the people I follow.

I love Twitter and I help my clients to love it to. BUT I have a very busy life and haven’t time to spend all day reading tweets and tweeting…

I have over 2700 followers, and follow a few people too.  In the training I run for our clients, I often get asked how I keep up with the noise.  I use Lists categorise my followers. I then use Hootsuite to create channels of conversations that I can follow.

For example, I work with lots of recruiters, so I have a recruiters list in Twitter which I then can view in a column of its own in Hootsuite (on both my laptop and iPhone app). I follow lots of techies and again have a list for them.  This feature really makes Twitter so much easier to use and thus, helps me keep engaged with the people I want to keep in touch with.

So, if this sounds like something that could work for you, go into Twitter and create a list.  Click on the person you are following and choose the person button from the right hand side of (new) Twitter.


Then choose Add to List.

You can create a list from the next screen when is states Create a List (obviously!).

Note that you can make the list public or private (I tend to make my private, but it’s up to you).  If you make your list public, others can see your lists and follow them.  Keep an eye out for public lists of the people that you rate – you can follow their lists and find some new great contacts. ( Clearly having a public list called clients and putting all of your clients in there is probably not a great business development tactic!)  Once you have saved the list you can add the Twitter account to it.

Even if you don’t use a 3rd party app like Hootsuite you can still use lists in Twitter – just look out for the Lists feature at the top of the news feed.  Select the List you want to scrutinize and off you go.


Hope that helps.

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