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Perhaps you are a business developer? or simply a networker?  Do you use Twitter to find stuff or do you just bleet??  Do you want to be able to find people to do business with or research what your competitors are up to?  Here’s one tip for you to help with this.

You can search Twitter to find Tweets sent to specific people (see previous blog), you can find leads, candidates, contacts… and today’s tip – you can even find tweets sent within a certain radius, for example:

  • Tweets with “Java developer” sent within 25 miles of Manchester
  • Tweets with “recruiting” sent by someone within 75 miles of York
  • etc…

Why am I giddy about this? Looking for tweets like this could really help you:

  • develop more leads
  • locate hiring managers
  • find out who your competition is and what they are tweeting about
  • develop new contacts in your sector
  • find candidates
  • find though leaders
  • basically find tweets sent from within a certain geographical area… thus pin down people and vacancies
How do you do this?

Go into Twitter and find your Advanced Search wheel.  Add your usual search criteria and then add a location to Near this place.

Search Twitter Near This Place Location


(or just go to: https://twitter.com/#!/search-advanced).

When you press Search, in the example above it will add the following syntax to the search bar  near:”manchester” within:15mi (note that it defaults to 15mi – you can of course amend this to the radius that suits you).

This will hunt for tweets sent within a 15 mile radius of Manchester. This will help more than simply searching for “Manchester” in the search bar.  YOu can of course blend more criteria "sales manager" near:"manchester" etc... 

This search type is pretty cool and will really help you pinpoint talent, connections and leads. ideal contacts, competitors.

Happy hunting!

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