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I love apps, especially those that save me a little time and help me be better at what I do. I have been using Followerwonk for Twitter for some time and wanted to share what it does for me.

Social media has obviously added to my business process, and Followerwonk has a number of nifty little features which helps me measure my effectiveness and reach.

Search Twitter Bios

You can search for keywords, location specifics, follower/following counts, and then sort by relevance or follower count. Pretty handy stuff! Great for finding candidates if you are a recruiter.

Compare Yourself to Others

This finds unique and shared followers for any 2-3 Twitter users. A great way to see how you compare to your competitors.

Analyse your Followers

How many people are you truly engaging with? Breakdown by account age, dormancy, follower count, and more – apparently 38% of the people I follow have an undetermined sex! (Read my mind…)

Track your Social Graph

A subscription is required for this (boo!), but you can see how your social graph grows (or shrinks) from day to day. This is a powerful way to track how your tweets are being received.

Let me know what you think.

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