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Twitter – full of people nattering on about cats and cake? NO! Full of people chatting about their jobs, life, companies – lots of lovely juicy data to help you find people you may want to do business with (or place if you are a recruiter). But how do you find anything when there are over 175 million tweets sent per day? Twitter Search Operators could help…

You probably know that you can search Twitter but did you know that you can use some operators to help you with these searches?

Think about how you could use it to find what you need, eg:

“IT manager” ; finds tweets where IT Manager is mentioned and the tweet is negative

“IT Manager” near: Leeds (does what it says it does…)

Happy searching!

We are running Twitter for Recruiters courses for time-starved recruiters, who either think they have a handle on Twitter, or they just don't get where it fits into their recruitment or business process. Read more about the courses here

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