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Wayne and I are always blogging about bits of kit that get us giddy.  TwitterCounter is an online tool that helps keep track of follower numbers.  It’s not a technical tool (there’s very little to it), so here’s a brief intro.

Create a login and see that you can measure how your followers have increased over time (hoping that they haven’t decreased…)

You can also see how many Tweets you have sent, again in graph format.

I was demoing this to a group of clients recently and it was clear that the little dip in activity (baby) slowed down my follower numbers.

Once I was back in the thick of things, and sent a few more tweets a day, I attracted more followers…

There are other stats that you can access.  There’s a little table at the bottom of your screen which gives average tweet figures, predictions on how many you’ll get and how long it will take you to get to a magic number…

It’s worth a 5 minute diet coke break to play around with – you can even set up an email to come to you weekly to report in on how you’re doing.  Let me know how you get on.

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