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You may have seen the blog from LinkedIn about the new Mention (or as some are saying Facebook) feature. This is really going to help clever recruiters who have something interesting to say.

You may or may not have it yet but LinkedIn have a habit of keeping us on the edge of our computer chairs / thumbs and rolling out new features according to what colour underwear you have in alpha order.  If you have it your LinkedIn status area will look like this:

You can mention any 1st level connection or any company on LinkedIn. 

Whoever you mention will receive a notification and likely get a glowing feeling. (What can I say? I’m a cheap date!).

If you're good boys and girls, you'll be updating your status (daily) with lots of juicy content about your sector, as well as the odd job (note to recruiters; you're not a job board! (See previous blog). It's crucial that you actively build your contact database and actively keep yourselves in their peripheral vision - passives and non-buyers can change their mind in a second depending on how their day has gone.

So how can you use this lovely feature wisely as a recruiter?

When sharing your colleague's jobs, mention their name to get your contacts to look at them and to help with cross selling (it’s not just candidates who look at jobs – clients do too!)

If the job allows, mention the company name that you are recruiting for.

If you see an update and people are already commenting, you can mention their names, even if they are not a first level connection.

When sharing content, mention the source (if they're not a 1st level connection, try mentioning the company they work for)

Consider though that you really should be connected to the thought leaders in your sector - I advise my clients to research the top 10 and network them.

If you have an internal recruitment strategy, use this feature to mention your own company when advertising lovely internal recruitment jobs

New team members? Perhaps welcome and shout out to them to help them grow their network 

By mentioning others you are associating yourself with them. Used wisely this can really help you develop your brand, and your offering.  I have tried this several times and the engagement levels have been much higher as a result.

Let me know if you can think of any other uses for this.

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