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Have you ever performed what I call a Google Trawl? We recently project managed a client’s new website, and the first thing I asked them to do was a Google trawl. We needed to ascertain what Google said about them, as it was critical, if they were going to invest in an improved online presence that the rest of the online world would back it up. Bear in mind, what Google says about you is highly influential – it will influence surfers, and impact upon your bottom line.

75% of Google surfers don’t bother with page 2 of Google

This stat is pretty scary, but true, so think about what page 1 says about you, but I would think about page 2 too…

So, what is a Google Trawl?

Simply put, it is typing in your company name (like a client may do) and seeing what results you get. This could be a mix of social media sites that you control (great!) or sites that have spidered your site / press items / sites that simply mention you that you may not have control of (not great).

Bear in mind though, that some sites (eg. Google Places) give you a great opportunity to create an account and create (takes about 10 mins) a mini-site detailing your services, with lovely images and links to you….

We often find that online directories are really out of date in terms of how they describe our clients – and this could be fixed with a simple email to the directory.

So, if your online presence is important to you, please conduct a 10 minute Google trawl (and repeat it every 3 months or so), and educate yourself as to how the world is really seeing you. No amount of money you spend on your site / SEO may help you get the results that a decent couple of good Google pages may return.

What does Google say about you? What could you do about this? Thoughts welcome.

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