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Already using or thinking of using Facebook for your business?  Are you one of the many who are not really getting how to use it / get a return on it?  Here’s some thoughts to help you.

My first job was a civil servant working as a trainer in the Benefits Agency. I spent 2 years training people on all sorts of soft skills topics like assertiveness, delegation – and what a breeding ground for cliché / sound bites…

Thinking outside of the box 

Don’t forget the hand movements when you say “think outside of the box”, and the often used,

“How do you eat an elephant? A bit at a time…”

My younger (much younger) self lapped this up… now I cringe… but the elephant one is pretty pertinent to the work I do with clients everyday (interpret that as you wish).

Tenuous Link 

What’s the difference between an elephant and Facebook? Very little:

  • They are both massive
  • If you try and eat them all at once you’ll be in a bit of a state after and you’ll be wondering why you even bothered…
  • You’re hungry (for business, candidates, clients), looking at the elephant (Facebook) and you haven’t a clue where to start!

There’s so much online about Facebook for business and Facebook for recruiters. I’ve read it all. I’ve met many clients with either Facebook pages that don’t quite return results, or no Facebook pages due to fear of creating a link between pukey Saturday nights out and the business.

Eating an Elephant (Facebook) a bit at a time 

So, you’re staring at Nelly (the elephant / Facebook) and gauging the best course of attack. Where do you start? Clearly grabbing by the head and going for it is not a massively strategic thing to do, so here are some ideas for starters:

  • Internal recruitment – could you use Facebook as a great careers page to attract staff into your firm? Could you tell stories about the business and how it operates, it’s approach to training / mentoring / community / etc…that will attract potential employees? (And appreciate the fact that your clients will be interested to hear about how you manage your staff – we buy fair trade for a reason!)
  • External recruitment – STOP – don’t just chuck your jobs on there (remember the stat I am always using…only 20% of online profiles are job hunters). What can you do to engage with passive candidates? They’re on the Facebook for a reason…what is it? Perhaps to play and research – how can you appeal to these people and attract attention?
  • Marketing and Branding – of course! Yes, you can use Facebook to market your business and make people more aware of your brand, but if you think I’m on Facebook just to listen to you going on about your business, you are so wrong…Think outside of the box (sorry) and talk TO and not AT me. And please don’t think because people are not talking back it means that they are not listening…in the real world that’s what some people do…listen.

All In a Day’s Work 

Ask yourself, if Facebook were a person in your business, what would be in its job spec? Don’t fall into the trap of creating a Facebook page because someone told you to or you just feel it’s the right thing to do. Social media should never be a box ticking exercise.

If you were looking to hire a new member of staff today, it’s because you have a need, a job spec and an idea of their KPIs. Facebook (and other technology in your business) should be treated no differently.

Last But Not Least 

Make a decision: what is Facebook going to be for your business? I really advise starting small, understanding how it fits into your business and having a plan. If you try and eat the elephant all at once, you’ll choke and probably go veggie.

**Originally published on BullhornReach (thanks)

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