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I recently read an interesting, brief, article (always the best) entitled Which Social Media Should You Use?

Some people are really sceptical about social media. One (new) client recently said to me that he got really sick of seeing people’s constant updates on LinkedIn about what they are having for lunch. This made me smile, as really what he was saying was that Social Media actually was a valuable tool. Why? Because he was making judgements about the people (and probably their businesses) based on how they market themselves online… Bingo! Suffice to say, I convinced him that he was right and we are about to embark on a social media strategy to get his recruitment agency using the web (social media and his own website) to improve his business’ online profile, increase his online attraction and expand his business.

Social networking… It’s an extremely powerful tool to improve your online profile (which can often be more powerful than your offline one!) and thus increase integrity in your brand.  It can also destroy it if used inappropriately.

The current economic climate is one where we find ourselves wanting a no-risk spend strategy, thus personal referrals, our own research etc… is critical in our decision on who to spend with – and it should be that way.

Social media and Inbound Marketing has given the power back to the consumer.  They can do their own research and thus probably spend with companies who traditionally would not have had the budget for a PPC or SEO campaign which would have inevitably got them to the top of Google (which 75% of us will only use page 1 of!).

I really welcome this shift in power, but worry about really great brands, big and small, who are not thinking seriously about it.

A wise woman said to me just last week: ROI: Return on Investment, or Risk of Ignorance….!

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