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I blogged recently on 5 Tips for Better Blogging and 5 More Tips for Better Blogging, but also wanted to share why I blog. Maybe you will see some similarities in the reasons you blog / could blog. I’d love to hear from you on this too!

I blog about once a week, as does Wayne.  We have a quarterly coffee, figure out what we need to talk about, write up a brief schedule, diarise some time, and leave space for OMG moments that need to be blogged about.  My clients often hear me say in the middle of a discussion “There’s a blog in that”, and I grab my pad, turn to the back and add a note to my blog ideas page for when I have a moment.

I get a huge amount out of blogging, and I nag my clients to do it (see previous blogs for some of the benefits).  I am rarely at my desk and so have a great excuse not to blog, but tech (eg. Dragon Dictation app for iPhone), train journeys etc… give me the moments and facilities to create content.

  1. It helps me sort my head out. I work with recruiters and B2Bs and have countless debates about social media, tech and business development, and often right in the middle of a discussion my brain with go “there’s a blog in that”.  So when I get a minute, I get my keyboard out and blog about the discussion for others to read.
  2. I am building up collateral on my website. Crucial for marketing, sending to clients when developing new pipelines and generally to keep my contacts up to date with what I am doing – works a treat!
  3. I love giving stuff away. You will see throughout this blog that there are hints and tips around web, technology and social media.  I am really passionate about time-saving / money-making / process speeder-uppers (?) and love to share this stuff (I’d make it a full time job if I could).
  4. It helps me keep in touch with people. I often get comments on my blog (this makes me feel good), but also shows a level of engagement.  It’s not critical that people comment on my blog as I know how many readers I have, but it is welcome.
  5. I have to practice what I preach. Marketing, lead generation, sharing ideas, giving tips, making things easier for my readers, reviewing products, sharing my opinions… all critical stuff in today’s online world.

Do you blog?  Why? What do you get out of it? Anything to add?


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