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Outlook Social Connector is a free bit of kit that you can find within LinkedIn that links your LinkedIn account to your Outlook software.  We love it at this end, so I wanted to share with you the benefits and how to complete a very simple setup.


If an email comes in and the email address of the sender is the same as that of their LinkedIn account, you will:

  • See their photo… nice!
  • …and whole load of other LinkedIn related updates in your Outlook screen…nice!
  • It will also keep a new folder in Outlook contacts called LinkedIn with your LinkedIn contacts in… nice!
  • It also gathers any conversations that you have been having via Outlook into one place… nice!
  • Be able to connect with people you are not connected to direct from Outlook… nice!

Here’s some more information about Outlook Social Connector (ie. what version of Outlook you need etc…)

To upload Outlook Social Connector:

  1. Shut down Outlook
  2. Login to LinkedIn
  3. Nip down to Tools at the bottom of your screen.
  4. Press the Download button and run through the simple Yes boxes.  When complete, open Outlook and it should ask you for your LinkedIn user and password… done!

Lisa and I use this all of the time, and when we train our clients, they love it.  Makes their day and emails a little easier to handle and of course gives them access to their LinkedIn connections more rapidly.

Happy downloading!

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