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I recently blogged on Social Media and Recruitment: Return on Investment or Risk of Ignorance, where I outlined my views on how being a specialist needs to be marketed online and how it can positively affect the buyer’s confidence.

I recently attended a client meeting and my recent blog proved itself to true in my case.

I blog, tweet and get involved in LinkedIn discussions on recruitment and technology, so I hope that my approach is accessible to all.  This proved to be the case whilst I was waiting for a client in their reception, and my phone beeped. It was my website telling me that someone had commented on one of my blogs.

I opened the comment and it turned out it was the client I was about to meet.  With trepidation I opened the comment and phew… they had some very positive comments and also added their own angle.  Then the thought set in… “they are watching me”.

It proved a very big point to me that whether we like it or not, some clients are very inquisitive (and rightly so) about who they are meeting and are likely to buy from.  If we do not take action and get involved in content that surrounds our market we risk them finding someone else who is!

Suffice to say, the meeting went well and we are now working with them!

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