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I LOVE Twitter – I really do, and I help my clients love it too.

I thought I’d share my approach to Twitter to give some sceptics and agnostics out there an alternative view to Twitter – that it’s not all about cats and cake!

I have used Twitter for just over 18 months. I currently have 2700 followers. I have a busyhome and professional life – thus I do not have all day to read and tweet.

I do have a business though that relies on the following:

  • a website that is regularly accessed by clients real and potential – thus content is critical and Twitter helps me deliver it
  • a website that regularly hits page 1 of Google (and often position 1 too!) – my tweets keep my website and my overall online profile fresh and searchable
  • new and existing clients having faith that I am the person to help them with their technology, web and social media strategies – thus I need to spread my content online and make sure that I am visible
  • me being up to speed on the latest sector trends – thus I use Twitter for research– there is so much shared online
  • if I am going to a client premises, I don’t just check out their marketing literature in reception, I get my phone out and check their Twitter stream – it’s often a lot more up to date than the brochure and it’s a good meeting ice breaker.
  • me being in constant contact with clients, suppliers and business contacts – I use Twitter to keep up to speed with what they are up to and often converse with them on it
  • and sometimes, when I get a minute, I have a play in Twitter, just for fun

If you have the same business objectives as me – to work smart, attract clients for the long term and get home on time to see my kids, then using Twitter is the smart thing to do – I have cats and love cake, but Twitter for me is about business.

Twitter is not just about Stephen Fry and Jonathan Ross (or Mr Giggs).  When I first started using Twitter I followed them, but soon got a little bored, so stopped.

Twitter is crucial for my business. I get clients from it and it helps me spread the word – why wouldn’t I use it?

What’s your experience of Twitter?  How do you use it?

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