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In my previous post on Social Media Security - Why IT Managers Hate Social Media - I highlighted some of the risks associated with Social Media. In this post I review some of the options that businesses should consider in order to protect themselves from these risks.

So, how to you manage your Social Media Security ?

Firstly you need to establish how much access you wish to give your employees to Social Media, the most common options are:

  1. Blanket Ban - No one accesses social media sites from the office. Where the benefits of such sites are not obvious to a business then a total blackout is easy to achieve, manage and report on. (Don’t be fooled, there’s a lot of surfing done under desks, in the loo, by the water fountain and during a cigarette break…)
  2. Open Policy - This is becoming more popular but requires the business to invest in technology to protect itself (and the employees), requires resource to monitor and ensure that the business is well informed around what is acceptable and what is not.
  3. Selective Access - Using technology to provide access to selective users or depts. This still requires the same level of planning and informing of what is acceptable and what is not.

Which Do you Do?

Which method do you choose?  My best advice is to make sure that it “fits” your organisation’s overall culture – you’d be surprised how your approach to social media can effect the morale of the employees – and none of us need great legacy knowledge moving to our competitors right now!

Please also consider the business’ use of social media – funnily enough there are leads to be generated, staff to be sourced and businesses to be marketed. Your biggest threat is the lack of knowledge you may have about how social media could be used, and your expectations.  Worse still, simply listening to the IT department about their fear of risk will damage your business…  think bigger!

Once you have established the level of control you are prepared to give your employees, there are some additional elements you'll need to consider and I'll check these out in Part 3.

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