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I've been amazed how many recruiters don't know about LinkedIn Introductions and those few that do know don't use it (this should tell them a lot about their confidence in the strength of their relationship with their LinkedIn Network...)

It's Simple!

There's nothing complicated about LinkedIn Introductions - it's simply one of your 1st connections introducing you to one of their 1st connections so that they in turn become your 1st connection - now what's complicated about that...?!

Recruiters are finding it more difficult to connect with their ideal talent (candidates and clients) than none-recruiters, it's the "rod for your own back" scenario unfortunately - a connection request from a Recruiter is sometimes met with an aire of (candidate) "another recruiter wanting to pitch a job at me that I don't want" (CV Snatcher) or (client) "another recruiter wanting to spec a CV at me". In a way this has become a recruiters Digital Gatekeeper.

Digital Networking

Problem is that not every recruiter works like this and they genuinely do have a target list of clients and candidates that they want to connect with. So recruiters need to get smart and get their network working for them.

Consider being approached by someone you've never met at a networking event, it feels a little awkward and a little painful explaining who you are and what you do etc.

Now consider being introduced to someone you've never met by somone you know at a networking event, it feels okay doesn't it? Much easier and less hesitant. Well LinkedIn is a digital version of that networking event and so being introduced by someone makes the process of connecting a "safer" one for the person a recruiter wants to connect with, as the introducer is seen as a trusted connection.

Think before you Click

Asking to be introduced needs to be used with careful consideration. Do you have a good relationship with the connection you are asking to introduce you - there's nothing worse than being asked; "sorry, but who are you?"

A great time to ask for an introduction is when you place a candidate - they should be in a happy place knowing they've bagged a new job - so seize the opportunity and ask them to recommend you to that candidate you've been tracking.

The same applies for clients. They obviously rub shoulders with similar people from other companies so ask for that recommendation! "That's another brilliant candidate I've helped you find for your busy company, would you introduce me to Jill Jones please?"

If you're a recruiter that is confident your connections would introduce you to theirs without the need to give a reason then this is a good indication that you are adding value to your LinkedIn network - you must share insightful content and not just post about jobs, you get involved in conversations, you like and share articles, you get endorsed and recommended - well done you! 

Lisa Get Introduced

The simple Facts

  •  A Free LinkedIn lisence offers 5 introductions for life
  • -If an introduction is accepted then you get it credited back yey!
  • -If it is rejected at any stage then you lose it for 6 months.

You will find the "Get Introduced" option in the drop-down menu next to the ‘InMail’ button of the person you want to be introduced to. The rest is simple – select who it is you want to introduce you (the ‘shared connection’), enter your message and hit the ‘Ask for an introduction’ button! 

So what are you waiting for? Finally connect with those hard to reach clients and candidates!

Let me know how you get on!

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