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I get that as a recruiter or a recruitment marketer you have a lot of systems and social media streams to get your head around and get your teeth in to.  You’ll see some of them mentioned on our blog.

I’m writing today to whet your appetite for Slideshare. We’ve had an account for a while, getting some great results and I’ve been tasked with kicking its butt even further in the new year. With that in mind, if you could check out some of our presentations and follow our profile, I will love you forever!

Now, I wonder if you’re thinking… “what’s Slideshare?” or “It’s just a bunch of boring presentations online.”

Slideshare Stats

How about these Slideshare facts:

  • Slideshare is the world’s 151st most visited website according to Alexa (that’s REALLY high!).
  • It receives a staggering 60 million monthly visitors with 3 billion slides being viewed per month (that’s 1,140 every second)!!!
  • 20% of visitors are redirected to Slideshare from Google which is due to presentation titles appearing in their individual urls. This makes Slide-Decks easily “Googlable” (I’m trying to coin this word) and that’s before you consider the use of tags across Slideshare alone.
  • Importantly, – and pay attention Recruiters – Slideshare receives 500% more traffic from business owners than Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Recruiters! Are you Awake Yet?

So what does this tell us?

  1. That Slideshare should not be dismissed lightly!
  2. That Slideshare is the perfect tool for recruiters!

With such a high number of business owners using Slideshare, it becomes an excellent B2B marketing tool. An indefinite number of potential clients, bottlenecked onto one social stream – it's almost too good to be true!

When you consider the fact that Slideshare is owned by LinkedIn, these stats are hardly surprising but the number of business owners on the platform is interesting, especially when considering that LinkedIn is supposedly “the business network”. Bear in mind that in the very least if you have slide decks, you can beautifully link them to your LinkedIn profile.  

Forgive my rambling but remember this: Slideshare is an excellent resource with which to target clients and candidates! 

If you want to learn more, wait until the end of January for “8 Slidedecks to Help Recruiters Raise their Profiles and Attract Talent and Clients”!

In the meanwhile, please follow our acount and share our presentations!

 ...Slideshare also has a nifty little infographics player, check it out!

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