Bond Adapt Recruitment Software ROI and Training

Bond Adapt Recruitment CRM Software

We Help Recruiters See ROI from Adapt 

It's a great investment to have Adapt Recruitment software in your business, and you need to be sure that you are generating a return on this investment (ROI). 

Are your recruiters using Adapt effectively? Are you using it to run and grow your business?

All of our recruitment clients are working to convert more leads, source talent faster, make more placements and be more profitable. We work with recruitment leaders to project manage and implement an effective Adapt Recruitment CRM. We help recruiters become more successful.

We also deliver training, project management and implementation for Bullhorn CRM systems.

Your Adapt Recruitment CRM is a fantastic asset. Speedy sourcing, moving candidates and clients through their various recruitment journeys should be seamless and easy. Intuitive workflows and actionable management information are critical for ROI.

We are also Bond International Software's only training partner. Recruiters love our Adapt training.

We had invested in the system and needed our recruiters to buy-in to it. The training was critical for this.

We made changes to our system as a result of these sessions and saw immediate improvement in our recruiters’ effectiveness and speed.

Want to see ROI from your Adapt CRM? 

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We deliver Adapt training on-site or via webinar which includes:

  1. Using Adapt Effectively: We’ll show you how to improve speed and increase ROI.
  2. Effective Sourcing and Business Development: Keyword and data searching to create hot lists of candidates and market to contacts quickly. 
  3. Building a Pipeline with Leads: Creating and managing leads to build a visible sales pipeline. 
  4. Recruitment Workflow: Seamlessly take your candidate from Interview to placement.
  5. Increase Performance with My Studios: Streamline processes and increase productivity.
  6. Management Information Reports: Forecasting and reporting your pipeline.
ROI: Speed up your daily routine, find and manage candidates and clients effectively and place more vacancies, faster. Ultimately delivering ROI from your Adapt Recruitment software.

 Listen to Tim!

Bond And TimBond International Software are excited about collaborating with Barclay Jones.

The ability to work with a company that really ‘gets’ the recruitment industry, and is passionate about recruitment software, is a great opportunity. Barclay Jones are extremely well respected for providing recruitment technology and social media knowledge and expertise to recruitment specialists throughout the UK.

I am pleased that Barclay Jones recognise Adapt as one of the leading staffing and recruitment systems, providing the tools for recruiters to make the most placements and earn the highest revenues. The team at Barclay Jones have a passion for technology that will help prospects make the right unbiased decision when selecting their recruitment software.

 Tim Richards, Managing Director, Bond International Software 


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We have a great team of Bond Adapt specialists who live and breathe recruiter effectiveness, great recruitment systems and business growth.  We run effectiveness webinars, and we are proud to be their only global training partner.

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