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We support recruitment leaders to grow their businesses and be more profitable using digital marketing and technology solutions. We train recruiters to improve their speed and delivery using Broadbean. We deliver the best Broadbean consultancy and training to make recruiters more successful.

Want Help Getting ROI from Broadbean? 

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Your Goals for Broadbean

We solve these problems for our recruiters - they love what we do:

I want to reduce my job board costs
I am taking “too long” to place candidates
I want to improve client and candidate engagement, conversion and retention
I am frustrated with poor recruitment processes and recruiter performance
My recruiters need the best training to deliver speed and ROI
I want my recruiters to source talent quickerI want to improve ROI from my Broadbean Software

We Run the Best Broadbean Discovery Workshops Broadbean Barclay Jones Recruitment Software Consultancy Job Boards (1)

We can come to you, review your system and recommend how to generate ROI from Broadbean:

  • We will review your recruiter usage, and deliver change and training to deliver ROI
  • We will improve speed and connectivity across your job posting and CRM software
  • We will work with your leaders and marketers to reduce job board spend

Wayne came in and looked at our Broadbean processes and workflows and helped us understand what we should be doing and quickly identified that there was a massive bit of tech that we were not using correctly.

Broadbean Training Project Management Roi Courses Barclay Jones

Want some Free Tips and Hacks for Recruiters?

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 Recruiter Technology Software Crm Bullhorn Bond Linkedin Ehsots Job Adverts Training With Barclay JonesWe deliver the best recruiter training workshops.  Job adverts training, Broadbean,  LinkedIn for RecruitersTwitter for RecruitersEshot and Mailshot Training, and Bond Adapt and Bullhorn Recruitment CRM training. We work with recruiters to be super effective at their desk: attract, source, convert and place.   We also help internal recruiters attract recruiters.

Listen to Steve Barnhurst!

Capture (7)There is great synergy between Broadbean and Barclay Jones.  I would recommend Barclay Jones to every recruitment leader.

Broadbean has a passion want to help recruiters be more efficient – we are global leaders in job advert distribution and candidate sourcing. But actually, we sell time, efficiency and facts. Barclay Jones share these goals in their mission to make recruiters more successful.

They “get” Broadbean, and because of their recruitment experience they not only get it as a product and how it can be used at “desk” level by recruiters and managers.

Barclay Jones consult with recruiters and understand their business. They understand what you have and help you understand what you could and should be considering to move your business forward.  

Steve Barnhurst, EMEA Sales Director, Broadbean


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