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Clean Data and Speedy Sourcing, Standard Processes and CRM ROI

The outcomes are great – we have a clear foundation and approach, our processes are defined and implemented, our team trained.

David Birnie, CEO, Adams + Oliver

How did we help?

Wayne Barclay 100x 100Adams + Oliver are a niche provider of recruitment services into the banking industry. They have some fantastic people who were working hard but not always sourcing smartly. Speed is of the essence and they recognised improvements could be made in their data management and use of the Microdec CRM. Like many businesses, much of their knowledge was stored in recruiters heads. This is not a sustainable model when growing a business.

We helped them assess and improve their current recruitment sourcing processes, review data management best practice and build active candidate pools to speed up sourcing and time to hire.

The 3 month program resulted in structured and speedier sourcing processes, improved quality candidate data and a better and more informed resourcing team. ROI was achieved.

Wayne Barclay, Director, Barclay Jones

What is the ROI?

David Birnie

New clients and a surge in demand are great, but they quickly expose the shortcomings in data and processes. Prior to that, our success had been built on an extensive network of candidates built up over 15 years, with much of the information about them in our heads.

We needed to define and then refine our businesses processes so that they could be ‘industrialised’.

We realised that we knew a great deal about our niche, our clients and our associate network – but not enough about recruitment best practice and the effective use of our Microdec recruitment software. So we turned to Barclay Jones for this expertise.

They worked with us to define our target operating model, develop a strategy and a project plan to implement it. They then helped us to map and refine our business processes and align the configuration and use of our recruitment software to them. They then modified the system, trained our staff and supported them in developing improved ways of sourcing candidates and developing talent pools.

Their engagement was two or three days a month on site, plus phone support and some limited offsite configuration activity. The outcomes are great – we have a clear foundation and approach, our processes are defined and implemented, our team trained. Barclay Jones will continue to be our first choice as advisers as we look to upgrade our technology and continue improving our operations in 2016.

David Birnie, CEO, Adams + Oliver


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