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Bullhorn: ROI, CRM Implementation and Training

If I had to describe them in a few words:  knowledgeable, “go to”, available, authentic, human, reliable, solid.

Liz Prince, Business ManagerAmiqus Recruitment Specialists

How did we help?

Wayne Barclay 100x 100Amiqus approached Barclay Jones to help guide their project team through the various stages of a CRM implementation. Bringing on-board experience to help translate the project steps and offer specialist expertise in Configuration, Data Migration, Testing and Training helped Amiqus quickly transition from one system to another and with minimal disruption.

Amiqus wanted to upgrade their existing CRM and felt Bullhorn fitted their needs. We worked with Liz Prince and the team on a weekly basis to help manage the migration to the new CRM as well as helping them define their internal processes.

The work with the team involved running workshops to map out and define the Amiqus process going forward, assist with the mapping and testing of data into the Bullhorn CRM as well as regular calls / meetings to keep the project on time and budget.

We continue to work with Liz and the team to further refine their processes and help configure the CRM to get the most out of their investment. 

Wayne Barclay, Director, Barclay Jones

What is the ROI? 

Liz Prince Amiqus

We knew that this was not simply a technology project.  We wanted best practice, and help digging into some of the processes to help us improve our processes.  We needed tech help and the “softer side” of the implementation.

I needed to get Bullhorn into Amiqus on time and on budget with no interruptions. Had we not had Barclay Jones in the business, I know that we would not have delivered it on time. 

They worked really closely with us.  Whilst implementing the system, they coached my team and to make the right decisions about the technology, its configuration, our processes and our data.

Barclay Jones have helped us navigate through the project, offered us advice in and around the product  and helped us stay focused.

I would definitively recommend. Why? Because they have a clear specialism in recruitment which gives them credibility and great service levels.  

Liz Prince, Business ManagerAmiqus Recruitment Specialists


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