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Bond Adapt Training and ROI and Sales through Eshots

They would never recommend a solution we don't need. We trust them.  

Paul Dickens, Project Operations Manager, ATA Recruitment Ltd

How did we help?

Rose Megson (PNG)100x 100ATA Recruitment are a permanent and contract recruiter within engineering, rail, manufacturing and civil engineering. They have five sites across the UK with their head office in Derby.

ATA had implemented Bond Adapt V11 but felt they were not getting a return from their investment. We first analysed the use of their system and created a training plan to focus on “How Adapt Can Make Consultants More Money”. Therefore the program focused on the critical sales generation elements of the system.

It was also flagged during the discovery sessions that support from the management layer of their business was crucial for successful further adoption.

To kick off the Adapt training we ran a management workshop for Directors and Team Managers. This stimulated ideas surrounding the adoption of the system and how the management team would support the training. We then rolled out training to the sales teams.

Result: Managers are bought in; recruiters are becoming more effective. Phrases such as: quicker, huge improvement, change in attitude, smoother process, accurate reporting, have been used by the managers and recruiters.

We followed with an eshotting (email marketing) workshop for their recruiters.  The goal of ATA was to help recruiters widen their reach, attract more clients and improve their call rates.  The results (even within 2 weeks) were excellent - 9 more vacancies, 30 more new and relevant contacts to work, and 9 interviews.

Rose Megson, Recruitment Technology Trainer, Barclay Jones

What is the ROI?

Paul DickensWe needed to ensure effective usage of Adapt and improve awareness of the system's capability. In addition we wanted to be able to measure ROI from the CRM.

We approached Barclay Jones because we needed to work with a consultancy which understood recruiters and could help us drive this project.

We got references from other recruiters before working with Barclay Jones and they were proven right. The team were really flexible and working with them was really easy. It really feels like they are invested in the project.

We would definitely recommend them to other recruitment businesses - other than the fact this may limit their time for ATA! They "get" the problems that we face and have never recommended a solution that we didn't need. We trust them.

As a result of this training we now have someone who understands how to engage our recruiters and train them on our version of Adapt. We can focus on the core activity to get a return on investment. We have an increased awareness of how Adapt can make recruiters successful.

I'm also delighted that my recruiters benefitted from Barclay Jones' eshot training.  The impact is more contract and permanent roles with new clients, more interviews, and a lot of new contacts for our Bond Adapt database, all which we had not worked with in the past.

Paul Dickens, Project Operations Manager, ATA Recruitment Ltd


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