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CRM Replacement from Adapt to Microdec Profile

They are a great team to work with and offer a balanced view and good realistic advice to any technology project.

Gavin Wilkins, Group IT Director,  Harvey Nash


How did we help?

Wayne Barclay 100x 100

We were asked by Harvey Nash to provide high level management consultancy to aid and support the IT team and the business in the selection of a CRM replacement from Bond Adapt to Microdec Profile.

We instigated a business process review to identify existing business processes and areas of inefficiency. We discussed and documented existing working practices with teams across the UK and Europe and compiled a number of workflows.

From these we identified a best practice process that would meet the requirements of all parts of the business, including increasing candidate and client interaction, reducing consultant administration and speeding up the recruitment cycle.

The process was then used to measure the ease of use and effectiveness of the CRM solutions during a number of demonstrations, and a solution was selected.

Wayne Barclay, Director, Barclay Jones

What is the ROI?

Gavin -Wilkins

Harvey Nash Plc commissioned Barclay Jones to provide consultancy and leadership services for a CRM replacement project.  This is a very complex project covering several brands, many sites and hundreds of users all speaking multiple languages and having many cultures.

For the last 3 years, Barclay Jones have worked with us on various areas of the project including: supplier selection, business process mapping and re-engineering, recruitment technology advice and project management.  They are a crucial asset to this project, offering insight, hands-on help and overall project management skills.  They have a valuable understanding of recruitment process, technology, end user experience and business change and we have found their involvement key to the project.

Gavin Wilkins, Group IT Director,  Harvey Nash

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