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LinkedIn and Adverts Training and ROI

Barclay Jones are approachable and adapted to what we needed - it felt really tailored to us.

Susan Vogel, Business Development Consultant, Nottingham Trent University

How did we help?

Rose Megson (PNG)100x 100We have worked with NTU for a number of years. For this project they wanted help with their we adapted our LinkedIn for Recruiters course and tailored our content to suit NTU's recruitment team's needs - both student-facing and business-facing

After the success of the LinkedIn course we returned to NTU to run our innovative Adverts Writing workshop. 

We ran our adverts workshop and the team uncovered creative ways of getting their placements and job opportunities noticed by students; by exploring different social streams, giving the adverts more reach, and introducing the concept of imagery, the team was able to really attract the students.

Rose Megson, Recruitment Technology Trainer, Barclay Jones

What is the ROI?

SV (1)We approached Barclay Jones due to the LinkedIn training we had received in the past which our team had really enjoyed; because of this we wanted to expand the training to the rest of our wider team.

Although I was a competent user of LinkedIn I knew that there was a lot more to learn and liked the idea of incoporating my CRM in the process too.  With the adverts training too, Barclay Jones pushed for our goals and ensured that we achieved them.

As a result of this training we have a more knowledgeable, active and engaged team.

Barclay Jones are really friendly and helped our team come out of their shells. They provided a fantastic service and are reliable, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic; we would recommend them everytime.

Susan Vogel, Business Development Consultant, Nottingham Trent University

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