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The help and guidance from Barclay Jones has enabled us to compete more effectively

Will Fossey, International Development Director, NRL

How did we help?

Rose Megson (PNG)100x 100NRL are an international technical, engineering and construction recruiter. 

They approached Barclay Jones as they wanted to increase the ROI of their Adapt V11 CRM. The business had previously received training from us when they went live. However they wanted us to run a programme of refresher training for each branch.

The training was specially tailored to the individual branch so that the teams got the maximum benefit from each session. This involved face to face training sessions for the UK branches and webinars for the international team.

Rose Megson,  Recruitment Technology Trainer, Barclay Jones

What is the ROI?

Will FosseyWe came to Barclay Jones with two goals. We wanted to engage the user base after months of disengagement. In addition to this we wanted to achieve a level of self-sufficiency and further functionality. We were using, probably, 40% of Adapt’s capability; we wanted to dramatically improve this usage.

If I had to describe my experience of working with Barclay Jones I would use the words: supportive, engaging and competitive.

The training which was provided by the Barclay Jones team was really effective and the Barclay Jones team is massively respected by my team. The help and guidance from Barclay Jones has enabled us to compete more effectively. Thanks to Barclay Jones our consultants can search quickly, we can access the data quicker and we have more visibility of activity.

However, I would not recommend them to other recruitment businesses – I’d be giving out a competitive advantage.

Will Fossey, International Development Director, NRL


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