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The energy and enthusiasm she brings is crucial - she helps us keep pace with the project. 

Colette Brown, Director, Prospect Resourcing

How did we help? 

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We met with the entire UK Prospect team and reviewed their online presence during a 1 day social media workshop.  The session was interactive and helped the team devise their ongoing social media and online strategy.

We reviewed their existing social media platforms: LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.  We then introduced the concepts of using Vine, YouTube, Foursquare, Google+.

We reviewed 2 elements of their use of social media:

  • The strategic use of it to grow their business and brand
  • The tactical use of it by consultants to manage their sectors, workloads and communities.

After reviewing these areas, we spent time with the business leaders and consultants and advised on the best practice use of online tools and how best to integrate them into every-day business process.

Once we had scoped out a roadmap of ideas and change, we then delivered LinkedIn and social recruitment training to their staff with the objective of improving brand awareness, sourcing more talent and getting more from the free social media tools.

Lisa Jones, Director, Barclay Jones

What is the ROI?

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Working with Lisa gave us some new perspectives.  We had always used social media, but we had focussed on it from a PR and comms perspective. We had a scatter-gun approach, trying different streams and getting little return.

The time that she spent with us, helping us devise our social media strategy and get my consultants using it tactically has helped improve web traffic, LinkedIn InMail responses and increase candidate responses.

Now we are using social media tools much more strategically and we are more confident in the tools.  We are light years on from where we were before.  Whereas we used to “box tick” with social media, now we are all engaged, more strategic and planned.

It’s great working with Lisa.  The energy and enthusiasm she brings is crucial - she helps us keep pace with the project.  The fact that she is in the recruitment world and works with other recruiters was a real plus for us.

Colette Brown, Director, Prospect Resourcing


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