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Bond Adapt ROI: Digital Strategy, CRM Upgrade and Training 

They have contributed a huge amount to our Strategic and Operational Process and have helped to grow the business for the future.

Ian Anderson, CEO, Stafforce.

How did we help?

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We were asked to help provide project management experience to the in-house project management team who were responsible for updating the current Bond Adapt CRM solution.

The immediate requirement was to clearly document the project and implement a business process mapping exercise. The objective was to identify existing practices over numerous sites and departments, and then mapping out a best practice business process that standardised the multiple regions and departments involved in the recruitment cycle. This included both front and back office.

From this, a gap analysis outlined key initiatives that needed to be performed (changes to working practices, configuration to software, introduction of complimentary software) to ensure the new Bond Adapt CRM was fit for purpose at go live. With a weekly payment run for many thousands of temps and contractors, disruption to the system was not an option.

In addition to this we were asked to develop, plan, schedule and deliver the initial Bond Adapt training to all users, the result was a workforce who were ready to start using the system from go live. We also worked on reviewing their social media activity and training was delivered on LinkedIn, Twitter and Blogging to help operations and sales staff understand how to capitalise on these trends and communicate online more effectively.

We advised on blog functionality and worked as an advisor to the Marketing Manager on overall online strategy and social media policy.

Stafforce now has a social media policy, digital strategy and blog on their new website. The business now has an understanding of how to use social media to grow their business, and should they acquire more new brands, they are in a great position to grow these businesses with these mediums too.

Wayne Barclay, Director, Barclay Jones

What is the ROI?

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Barclay Jones helped us implement a new  Bond Adapt CRM system to over 150 users nationwide and develop a social media strategy.They have contributed a huge amount to our Strategic and Operational Process and have helped to grow the business for the future with their depth of knowledge and understanding.

I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Ian Anderson, CEO, Stafforce.

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