The Best EShot and Mailshot Training for Recruiters

  • You may not have an agreed process for creating and sending the eshot, which results in variations in standards?
  • Perhaps your teams may not be eshotting at all?
  • You may have low response to current eshots.
  • You want to improve your business development.
  • Perhaps you are a "data rich but candidate and opportunity poor" recruiter? Do you have large numbers of candidates and clients on the database are not being contacted and nurtured?

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We deliver email marketing training for recruiters to help them be really effective with their mailshots and eshots. We know that this is a critical task - one which can deliver massive impact to your sales pipeline, or disrupt it by wasting time and creating spam and negative brand.

Results from a recent workshop - within 2 weeks of the session!

  • Placed 2 x contract roles (with new clients)
  • Raised 7 x vacancies (5 contract, 2 perm), plus 7 x lead vacancies
  • Secure 9 x interviews to date (with a few more pending)
  • Added over 30 new points of contact to Bond Adapt – most of these from clients that they had done little/no business with previously. 

Our clients tell us that we run the best Eshot Training courses. 

We needed the workshop as we have traditionally been a very phone-based business and I knew that we missing out on opportunities by limiting ourselves in this way. Plus I was worried that although we were emailing and eshotting, there were quality and process issues, which is clearly a risk.


I wanted to increase general presence beyond simply hitting the phones and I wanted to ensure that I could approach a wide target list.


I'm delighted that my recruiters benefited from this workshop. The impact is more contract and permananent roles with new clients, more interviews and a lot of contacts, all of which we had not worked with in the past.

Want your recruiters to generate fantastic results from emailing their clients? Want to generate more ROI from your CRM?

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And if you're a marketer we deliver training for really effective email marketing campaigns.

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