Improve your Job Advert Responses with our Innovative Job Adverts Workshop

We run the best job adverts training courses for recruiters. We know this because our clients tell us.

The Best Recruiter Job Adverts Training Barclay JonesOur job adverts training has delivered ROI:

  • £34,000 extra revenue (One of our clients did very well from this training!)
  • 170% increase in relevant applications (talent)
  • One of our clients reduced their job board spend by £21,000
  • 350% increase in consultant profile views (leads)
  • 100 x more LinkedIn connections per month per recruiter (prospects)
  • Talent commenting on seeing more of the brand and liking the new approach
  • A more refined posting strategy (no more "spray and pray")
  • ... and would you believe, fewer adverts needed, more candidates to "spec out" 

This training has really helped us "open up" the job vacancy and now we are receiving more applications and have made two extra placements from our new improved adverts (£9,000 more in fees in two weeks)

We've had every job board out there training my recruiters - this session was a total eye opener and I know will deliver talent we've not attracted before 

Want to increase your job advert responses? Want to fill more jobs, reduce job board spend and attract more talent, clients and recruiters?

Job Adverts Recruitment Free Consultation Barclay Jones

We Deliver the Best Job Adverts Training for Recruiters

Jobs adverts have a job to do.  Yes, they attract talent (sometimes untalented talent…) but they should also attract clients, generate leads, and dare we suggest attract your competition. After all, don't you want to recruit for your own business this year?

Leads, talent, improved profile, confident clients and passive talent - job adverts are crucial to your growth as a business.

We go way beyond the standard “keywords, grammar, seo” job advert courses which many recruiters have come to expect. This product is our own IP borne out of a frustration that poor adverts have become the norm.

Best Job Adverts Recruitment Training Barclay Jones

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 Recruiter Technology Software Crm Bullhorn Bond Linkedin Ehsots Job Adverts Training With Barclay JonesWe deliver the best recruiter training workshops.  Job adverts training, Broadbean,  LinkedIn for RecruitersTwitter for RecruitersEshot and Mailshot Training, and Bond Adapt and Bullhorn Recruitment CRM training. We work with recruiters to be super effective at their desk: attract, source, convert and place.  We also help internal recruiters attract recruiters.

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