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We Run the Best LinkedIn Recruiter Licence Training 

  • We will come to your site to train and help your recruiters become more successful
  • 100% of recruitment leaders are concerned about the effectiveness of their recruiters
  • 94% of leaders can’t see the ROI from LinkedIn
  • Many recruiters are spending 60% of their day using LinkedIn
  • You could increase your pipeline by an extra £10,000 per recruiter. Not bad ROI!

Our clients tell us that we run the best LinkedIn training courses.  Every recruiter we have trained has gained value from these sessions:

I’m not just breaking even, I’m making profit from my LinkedIn Recruiter licence. Great ROI!

There were features of the system we weren’t using properly that are benefiting us massively now.

Want to see ROI from your LinkedIn Recruiter Licence?

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LinkedIn Recruiter Licence ROI

We deliver LinkedIn Recruiter Licence training on-site or via webinar which includes::

  • Source more speedily
  • Use pipelining tools to save time, collaborate, manage talent and improve speed
  • Use assignment and project management tools to improve speed and cost of hire
  • Improve business development and lead generation

Then we'll help you plan the embedding of the training, and the measurement of ROI.

ROI: To source, attract, engage, convert, place. To generate ROI from your Licence.

We also help recruiters generate speed and placements from the free version of LinkedIn. Do you need to do this? Get in touch.

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We have a great team of LinkedIn specialists who live and breathe recruiter effectiveness, great recruitment systems and business growth.  

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